‘Second Chance’: Tv Review

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An absence of artistic focus dooms Fox’s oft-retitled ‘Frankenstein’ update. Tv exhibits change titles all the time, and there’s no reason essentially to consider it as something other than the fruit of check advertising and marketing or copyright wrangling. But generally titles are home windows into how shows see themselves and how they want viewers to see them, and a muddle in titling can translate right into a muddle in creative execution. Take Fox’s new drama Second Chance. Or, slightly, feel free to not take it till you’ve got had assurances that the present is enough of a hit that it may have the chance to settle into itself by way of theme, tone and structure – as a result of through 4 episodes, there no indication of cohesion. Despite early titles suggesting connections to Mary Shelley (Frankenstein and then The Frankenstein Code) or Lewis Carroll (Lookinglass) and a last title that sounds extra like a geriatric dating reality present, Second Chance finds resonance in none of those issues.

Why would she? But we get no answers. We get a list of different initiatives she’s labored on since graduation, Thirteen new Season however not an accounting of the only one we knew or cared about. Essentially the most gracious rationalization is that the Palladinos imagined the publicity that accompanied their departure after Season 6 was so massive that everybody knew about it — and that viewers would perceive that Season 7, to them, was just waiting to be unraveled at the earliest opportunity. Because in any other case, you’re left with the theory that they simply did not care if viewers were confused. And I have no doubt that plenty of viewers have been confused: waiting for dots to be connected that by no means were. I do know all of the behind-the-scenes stuff — I’m a geek; if you’re a Gilmore Girls guru, chances are you’ll properly comprehend it too. But most people do not. And it is not simply Rory’s coverage of the Obama campaign that wanted a point out.

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